If you are looking for a comfortable, convenient vehicle for your next motorhome adventure, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will list the advantages and special features of fold-down beds in Chausson motorhomes, to help you make an informed decision.

What is a fold-down bed?

Fold-down beds in Chausson motorhomes are hanging beds that can be folded up against the ceiling during the day to free up space in the vehicle. In the evening, the bed can be lowered electronically or by hand to provide a comfortable sleeping area for two people. A fold-down bed is a popular choice for couples or families looking to optimise space in their motorhome.

Advantages of a fold-down bed

Saving space

With fold-down beds, you can free up space in the vehicle during the day, which is perfect for those who need more space to move around and relax. They can also be used to create more space for storage or other parts of the motorhome (shower room, kitchen, etc.)

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Comfort & Accessibility

Fold-down beds are equipped with comfortable mattresses which provide good support and restful sleep. These beds are much more comfortable than sofa beds. Fold-down beds are generally easily accessible thanks to their electronic or manual lifting system.

In conclusion, fold-down beds in Chausson motorhomes provide several benefits for campers looking for comfortable and practical bedding. Fold-down beds in Chausson motorhomes are a great choice for those who want to optimise space in their motorhome without sacrificing comfort.

Our motorhome models with fold-down beds

Low profiles with fold-down beds


Places route 4 Places couchage 4 Places repas 5 Ford 6.99m
implantation 640
implantation 640


Places route 4 Places couchage 4 Places repas 4 Ford 6.99m
implantation 660
implantation 660


Places route 5 Places couchage 5 Places repas 5 Ford 7.19m
implantation 720
implantation 720

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