The “right price” approach

CHAUSSON campers are synonymous with passion, pleasure and discovery – anywhere, in any season, at any price.

CHAUSSON’s goal is not necessarily to always offer the lowest prices or an overabundance of equipment.

In addition to a good layout, CHAUSSON looks for the proper balance between equipment and price.

This means that for each piece of equipment, we carefully analyze the usefulness-to-price ratio.

For us, certain visible or invisible functions are essential and are systematically included in our overcabs and low profiles. Here are some examples.

  • Essential for the carrier: wide track rear axle (road stability), electrical pack and seat with double armrests (comfort), ABS and airbag (safety)
  • Polyester body and reinforced roof.
  • Essential in the living area: heating that can be used while on the road (passenger comfort), a second access gate for the garage (practicality).

We invite you to have a careful look at our lines and, above all…to compare!

L'Ecosse en Van Aménagé