FAQ-Questions about covid-19

Did the company activity restart?

Tournon-sur-Rhône site has suspended its production on March 17th to guarantee employees’ safety.

An activity recovery has progressively started on May 4th.

Which concrete safety measures have you implemented?

During the closure, our teams have worked on risk analysis and implementation of new measures to maintain our employees’ health at work. These actions address several themes: mandatory mask, hands washing, distancing, use of shared premises, disinfection, displacement onsite, management of haulage companies and external people, buses…

Every employee has been trained to health and safety measures.

I ordered a vehicle, when can I hope to receive it?

Besides the production suspension, production line rhythm has been adapted so as to allow a minimal distance and a necessary time to disinfect one’s workstation.

If the vehicle was produced at the factory but not delivered because of missing parts, operations of finishing stages have happened during the closure. In this situation, your vehicle is likely to be delivered soon at the dealership.

A new production plan has been set up and most of the delivery times has been communicated to our network: please contact your dealer so as to get more information about your order progress.

At the delivery in dealership, how can my dealer explain the handling of the vehicle in compliance with protective measures?

All our dealers, as professionals, have taken necessary measures to ensure the best possible health conditions during your visit.

To avoid to be close when presenting the vehicle, we realized a video for an optimal handling of your new ‘companion’. This will be available at the dealership and on our YouTube channel in 5 languages.

The due date of my yearly watertightness control happened during the containment. Is my vehicle still under warranty?

Yes: as this situation is exceptional and to avoid precipitation at the reopening of dealerships, we have planned a 6-month extension.

However, your next annual control will have to be done by the original deadline (+/- 2 months vs anniversary date of the 1st registration).

21 February 2020 >

Chausson Spring Edition 2020

For 40 years of Chausson, discover two specials offers “Spring Edition”

Motorhome 514 : The Compact Low profile with garage.

VIP Pack included :

  • Manual cab air conditioning
  • Passenger aibag
  • Cruise control and speed limiter
  • Coded front bumper
  • Electric de-icing rearview mirrors
  • Glossed cab front gril …

Motorhome C656 : The seven-berth overcab in less than 7 meters.

VIP pack included :

  • Manual cab air contiioning
  • Double airbag
  • Cruise control and speed limiter
  • Coded front bumper
  • Electric de-icing   rearview mirrors
  • Glossed cab front gril …

514 Spring Edition

Special Offer Spring Edition 514

Spring Edition C656

Special Offer Spring Edition C656

22 February 2019 >

The Chausson TITANIUM 640 Has been rewarded Motorhomeof the year In Denmark

At « Ferie for alle » (Holidays for all) in Herning (Denmark), announced as the biggest holidays show in Scandinavia, our Chausson 640 has been rewarded once again « motorhome of the year »

At least 22 brands were nominated in this category and Chausson won among 5 finalists (Benimar, Chausson, Hymer, Rapido, Weinsberg).

The 640 layout gathers in only 6,99 m incredible area in the lounge but also in the kitchen and the bathroom. It is equipped with a dressing and a garage. The hideaway bed is also XXL:
160 cm width.

Rewarded all over Europe, it is also N°1 best-seller to final customers; it just has been, once again, praised at Motorhome & caravan show, in Birmingham, which just finished with a record number of sales.

22 January 2019 >

Our CHAUSSON TITANIUM 640 rewarded !

Award received by our German Chausson agent, Jörn Koch
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Our motorhome
has been rewarded
Best layout of the year
As part of the European Innovation Award, at Stuttgart show


This prestigious award is attributed by a board of 17 European magazines, caravaning experts.

The 640 layout is a creation « made in Ardèche » which has already been rewarded.

The originality of this layout is the space and comfort you feel in only 6,99 m: maxi « face-to-face » lounge, large hideaway bed 160 cm width, maxi bathroom, dressing and garage.

Its concept « Smartlounge » enables to transform quickly bench seats into 2 comfortables seats for road use.

The 640 is not only appreciated by professionals.

It is also, by far, the N°1 best-seller for individuals in Europe.

You should know that our model 640 exists not only in version
TITANIUM (special series on Ford with automatic gearbox) but also in version WELCOME which makes it possible to choose its base vehicle (Fiat or Ford), its level of equipment (VIP, PREMIUM), and to benefit from different furniture and fabrics.

30 November 2018 >

T C Motorhomes Choose Chausson

T C Motorhomes of Hillborough, Herne Bay have announced that they will become mainland UK`s only solus Chausson Motorhome Dealership with immediate effect.

In a market place that continues to grow beyond all expectations, and with Chausson Motorhomes already the most popular imported brand to the UK, the decision to focus `absolutely` on Chausson whilst relinquishing all other brands from T C `s was an easy one.

T C Motorhomes were appointed main dealers for Chausson Motorhomes in 2013, and since then the relationship between the two companies has flourished, and gone from strength to strength.

Chausson`s popularity continues to grow across Europe as consumers fully appreciate the innovation, the quality, the depth and wide range of products, and the modern contemporary styling that have become the watchwords at Chausson.

Chausson`s Jeff Kenrick, added, “From Chausson`s point of view we are thrilled to have such strong brand recognition from such a Progressive Dealership”.

T C `s Dealer Principle Tony Chamberlain confirmed that T C Motorhomes would continue to provide a `one-stop-shop`
Experience for all of it`s customers, including sales and after-sales Facilities, and would seek to continually improve the Chausson Experience at it`s dealership in Hillborough, just outside Herne Bay, East Kent.

Pictured from Right To Left ; Pascal Lidome ( Chausson Export Manager Motorhomes ) Jeff Kenrick (Chausson Commercial Director UK ) Tony Chamberlain ( Dealer Principle – T C Motorhomes ) Shane Catterick ( Sales Manager – T C Motorhomes )